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Exhibit Dates
July 14, 2018 - October 8, 2018

When I stand before a blank canvas, I organically just start Creating. It can be from a dream I have had, or just the way my brush starts flowing on the canvas.  I am always pleased with what I have created from an objective stand point knowing it comes from my creative take on the way I see objects, faces, architecture, etc. The best gift for me is knowing that my art connects to it's audience in a subjective way, and it finds the home it was always meant for.


By definition facets is a particular aspect or feature of something. I exude many dimensions in my latest collection, each one taking on a unique perspective, yet together work as cohesive body of work. I am honored that I get to showcase the many sides of my artistry at W Minneapolis—The Foshay. 


For more information on John Gerber visit www.johngerber.com

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